A Great Friend in the Fitness Industry
by Christian Duque

Today, I'd like to take a moment to thank and recognize someone who I'm proud to call a
friend, someone who's worked tirelessly to promote the name of Muscular Development,
and who's fervently loyal to the NPC and IFBB Pro League. Kit Sanderson's work ethic is
second to none. This is a guy who really pounds the pavement, who's constantly learning,
and always looking for way to increase the reach of Muscular Development - and his own
brand, MD Latino. He's not only taught himself how to master doing interviews, overseeing
staff, selling advertising and marketing, but he's also mastered the Spanish language. I think
you'd be hard pressed to find many guys in our industry that could walk a mile in Kit's shoes.

I think the world of him and I've always appreciated his friendship. Kit's always been
extremely supportive of what I do, introducing me to key people, and giving me great advice.
He trusts me and I trust him - and in this industry, finding that kind of great character in a
person, is rare.

I've also worked for Kit, covering the NY Pro with Hector Mendoza. I like doing my own thing
too much, so it was only a one-off type deal; however, I learned a great deal from that. Kit's a
no nonsense kind of guy and I got see how the MD Latino operation worked. Hector didn't
sleep that night. I did my best to stay up, but ended up passing out. When the shows end, I
usually get a meal, post a little and then slowly release my content, sometimes going a full
week. I do this because it's my model and I feel it gives my advertisers more bang for their
buck. For the big boys (the big sites), however, it's a race to press and their advertisers love it!
That being said, quality control is very high, as well. Add some exhaustion and sleep
deprivation to the mix and you have all the ingredients for a panic attack. These guys are so
on the ball, though, that I almost think they're addicted to the rush. They do one heck of a
great job!!

So with all that being said, real life has a way of rearing its head, at the most inopportune
times. So.., at the NPC Natural Kentucky my Sony 4K's stabilizer went out. I was going to
send it out for repairs, but with only 10 days out from Nationals, I was a little hesitant, to the
say the least. The camera error in question would only be an issue for zooming and since
I'd be mounting my camera on a tripod and not altering the resolution during the night show
interviews, I figured I'd be fine. In fact, my interviews for the Natural Kentucky looked great, so
I was at ease. Except for the minor inconvenience with the zoom, I thought I'd be ok for

Lo and behold, as I prepared to do my first prejuding interview in Miami, I was attaching the
control arm to my camcorder, when the bolt literally snapped off. It was fastened to the arm
and off the device. I nearly died! Without that bolt on the camera, I couldn't connect the arm to
the boom, but even worse, I couldn't mount the camera to the tripod. I could get by doing
recorded interviews by holding the boom, while the LED bolted on to the camera's (good) top
slot, but the night-show interviews (with me in the frame) seemed absolutely impossible.

Now, Kit and I have a great relationship, and at last year's Nationals, we worked in tandem
quite a bit. In fact, I was a little green at that contest. It was my first year covering it and I felt a
little out of my element. My home is The MAZ and while I'd covered a long list of Florida
contests in the years prior, the Nationals was unchartered waters for me. I was nervous. My
friends, Kit and George Brown, both pushed me to do interviews with all the overall winners.
They gave me self-confidence when I was doubting myself and I can't thank them enough for

Now, don't get me wrong, I help out, too. If I'm ever at a show and Kit needs me to do a
couple interviews, for example,  he doesn't have to ask me twice. I'm honored to be a part of
his work, because I have a world of respect for it, but what he did for me at the 2019
Nationals, goes above and beyond anything I've ever done for him.

Quite frankly, Kit saved my ass.

I sincerely apologize for cursing in my article, but no other phrase would really speak to the
degree to which he helped me. Kit filmed every single one of my interviews with the overall
winners and he filmed it with heart, with real skill (mind you, zooming was not an option b/c
picture quality would be affected).  I wanted to be sure I was helping too, so I made sure to go
get the champions and bring them to the front so he could interview them too. Usually he'd go
first, then I'd go. A couple times, after I was done, he'd compliment me and he'd even say my
interview was better. I don't know that it was or it wasn't, but he'd say that in front of the
competitor. I want you guys to really stop and think about what I just wrote; I want you to really
process it.

What Kit did for me was really, truly special, and I want as many people, as possible, to
know about it. I also want people to know about it, because he'll never say a word about it
and it was nothing to him. He was helping out a friend and that really touched my heart.
He's a really good guy, who takes his work extremely seriously. Like I said, I've learned a lot
from him and I'm so happy we have great people in the fitness press, like him.

Thank you for being such a great friend, Kit.

2019 NPC National Championships