In a shocking account, world famous bodybuilder Kai Greene discussed a recent
event that shook him to the core. The
Arnold Classic champion & perennial
Mr. Olympia runner-up, was pulled over by the NYPD & treated poorly by its
officers; however, article is not about an isolated, routine stop. We, as a society,
have become well aware of a growing list of police abuses, whereby minorities -
particularly African American men - are being victimized. The
NYPD is a law
enforcement agency that has been lambasted worldwide for excessive force & its
strong-arm tactics. This has largely been a product of its leadership. Mayor
Rudolph Giuliani introduced the Broken Window Theory, creating New York's
very own version in the now infamous
"stop, question, & frisk" approach. This
zero tolerance measure sparked rampant constitutional violations throughout the
cities. To ensure that measures would stay in place long after his term,
left New York his attack dog, in police commissioner
Bill Bratton. Whether NYPD
cops beat a 12yr old or choke a man to death - both on video - you can count on
Bill Bratton to give the media straight face & a bullshit explanation. For many
of the cities African American community,
Bratton is a modern day Bull Connor.

If you're black & in New York City, anything can happen to you at the hands of
NYPD. It's not my opinion, it's the reality. Whether you're a rich NBA or
professional tennis player or an average Joe. The stories of both have stark
common denominators - they're both black. Both will be subjected to excessive
force, the trampling of their constitutional rights, and neither will ever have any
real means of legal recourse against the department. Such is the sad state of
affairs in New York. This is how
Giuliani "saved NYC." So when Kai Greene
shares his account of what would have otherwise been a typical stop for a white
citizen, I am not in the least bit surprised.
Greene had this to say on his
2/10/2016 podcast for Generation Iron:

    "The other night I was stopped by the police, coming home from work,
    coming home from the gym. If I could tell you the fear ... my hands shook
    as I tried to keep my hands up ... then find my ID and not want to get shot.
    Not to say that every police officer is bad because there have been times
    in my life as a young man where I was saved at the hand of a police officer
    that should have otherwise done something else, but he didn't."

Kai Greene is not a criminal. He wasn't engaged in a crime. He was going home.
Greene has graced the cover of countless magazines, met thousands (if not
millions) of fans. He's not a black radical; he's not out there doing hunger strikes
or filming police with
Copwatch. He's not getting signatures for petitions or
blogging for the
Black Lives Matter movement. Although all of the aforementioned
activities are perfectly legal & in my opinion commendable in a free & democratic
society, they are activities that could make you a marked man in a major city
anywhere in America. Nonetheless, I think we can all agree that
Kai is a
respectable man, poised on making a good living, and working to be an
ambassador for bodybuilding, his sponsors, & his own name/brand. The fact that
you have an upstanding citizen trembling in fear during a routine stop, should
truly cause you to pause and reflect on how each & every member of a minority
community feels like when interacting with police.

    Greene went on to say: "[t]here's a moment when the lights are flashing
    behind YOU and you don't look like what you're being stopped by, and in
    that moment to them you look like the face of criminality that is on all the
    negative rap albums and so on. And there's no leniency or distinction that
    will separate you from that ... but what we see right here and now and in
    this moment. So to be an African-American man, almost 300 pounds,
    with an 8-inch scare running down the right side of my face ... with a
    hoodie on ... as much as I may have, at other times in my life, in the
    course of my day feel removed from Oh well I'm an athlete, I'm a
    bodybuilder, I'm a personality ... WHOA! Real talk! I witnessed my hands
    shaking as the police officers were really not very nice with handling me.
    Not very nice at all, and it was frightening."

I don't care what your personal politics may be, I think any objective-minded
person comes to the realization that something is very wrong with policing, when
a law abiding citizen trembles in fear upon interacting with law enforcement. This
is not a
"liberal opinion" or an exaggeration by part of the author. It's right there
in Greene's own words. Imagine how he must have felt; really try to put
yourselves in his shoes before you criticize him. If you're not even able to
contemplate it, then that shows that you're deaf, blind & indifferent to the problem
at hand. There are millions of people who would simply just rather not know what
goes on.

If Americans haven't raised hell for the
NYPD choking a man to death on video in
broad daylight, assaulting a 12yr old boy [also on video], or beating professional
basketball & tennis players (all unarmed black males), then who would really raise
a red flag for (as
Kai points out) a 300lb black bodybuilder wearing a hoodie, &
with an 8" scar running down right side of his face? He could easily have been
beaten down or even shot him in cold blood. They could have concocted any
number of stories (e.g. he had
"roid rage" or provided an affidavit stating they
felt threatened or feared for their safety/lives) and no one would have said
anything. In fact,
Bill Bratton might have awarded the officers a medal for
bravery in the line of duty.

Don't get me wrong though, the vast majority of the
NYPD is made up of good,
honest men & women that are all about upholding the law in a professional &
constitutional manner. They have helped many people, including yours truly. I
have never had any bad experiences with police officers in the Big Apple, but I'm
also a white, of Hispanic decent. Although many would have you believe color is
not a factor - it most certainly is if you're of color. There have been countless,
documented abuses by the
NYPD against men & women of color in New York
City. It's the only city where an unarmed, innocent man could be shot at 41 times,
struck 19 of those times, and the officers aren't found guilty, keep their job, and
are up for retirement benefits in just a couple years. If you're black in New York,
GOD help you. God help you in all fifty states.
Going strong since 2008!!
KAI GREENE - Harassed by the NYPD?
by Christian Duque