David Henry - "I'm Still Here!"
by Christian Duque

Not too long ago, the name David Henry was
the talk of the town. Every magazine, every
major bodybuilding website, and every
handicapper name-dropped him, left, right,
and center. When you think about
champions who were on top, you couldn't
help but mention this legitimate giant killer.
Whenever David would even consider an
doing a contest, that was enough to have
send Dave Palumbo to do a video, Ron
Harris pen a masterpiece, and have the
message boards come alive.
It's hard to understand how the press changed when it comes to this great champion. If you were to count the number of
Mr. Olympia's he competed in, his victory at the 202 Olympia Showdown, and the fact he placed Top 10 in open
bodybuilding at the Mr. Olympia, makes the disregard almost unbelievable. Henry also narrowly missed capturing an
Arnold Classic title in the 212 Arnold Classic, just five years ago. Once again, his contest record alone makes media's
overlooking him for the 2019 Mr. Olympia seem odd at best and totally bizarre at worst.

Did David do something wrong? Why the cold shoulder? Inquiring minds want to know.

Putting his contest record aside, we mustn't forget that this is champion with a voice, with a personality that's loved by the
fans. It's one thing to have a great physique and be totally stoic and silent, but this guy gives great interviews and has
plenty to say when he's got the forum on which to say it. I was happy to do a quick interview with him at the meet & greet,
but I had no idea I'd be one of the only ones. Had I known that, I would have mic'ed up and made a bigger deal of it, but I
just can't believe it, in hindsight, that not only was he largely ignored on his road to the 212 O, but he was ignored at the
O as well!!

No one can force the media to do anything, but a big part of good journalism is giving the people what they want. That's
why I'm writing this article and why I wrote my initial article at Iron Magazine. My hope is that 2020 is a better year in
bodybuilding journalism.