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Psycho Bodybuilders Slaps IFBB Judge!!

Giannis Magkos is a psycho that just got banned for life
from the IFBB. So apparently he was butthurt b/c he didn't
the contest, but guess what, he still took 2nd & earned a
pro card. Instead of being content with that and being a big
boy, he acted like straight up bitch. He slapped one of the
nicest, most respected judges backstage & then according
to several news outlets, whipped out his dick. What a
lunatic. Don't miss the video.
Mike Ely Prepares for Comback!!

We caught up with Mike Ely aka The Cleveland Creation at
Brent Jones' 2016 IFBB Kentucky Pro. Mike has regained
most of his size, continues to pack on serious muscle, & is
totally committed to bringing his freaky size & conditioning
back to an IFBB stage in 2017. This news couldn't come at
a better time, especially given the 2016 Olympia placings.
There's a very real demand for jaw-dropping muscle & Mike
sure can deliver on that!!
Rich Piana DESTROYS Bostin Loyd in Latest Video!!

This has truly become a Clash of the Titans, as Mr. BOSTIN
LOYD of Team 3cc has declared war on Mr. California,
RICH PIANA, of Team Five Percent. The two have been
exchanged jabs on youtube, but things have escalated with
Piana delivering one of the most merciless attacks in the
online war.

Few think that Bostin will fire back. Don't miss my recap.
Christian Duque's
Louisville, KY's Own, NPC Bikini Superstar
Ms. Olympia Yaxeni Oriquen Garcia Interview!!

It's not everyday that we get to interview a legend.
Ms. Olympia & Ms. International winner, Yaxeni Oriquen,
has set herself apart from everyone. The Venezuelan,
longtime Miami resident has been a superstar in the sport
for decades. Yaxeni is all about positive inspirations. In
addition to being a great champion, she's a homemaker,
wife, mother, & fitness personality. Don't miss this great
interview with a true living legend in the sport!!
Rich Piana's Shocking Arnold Interview

Mr. 5%, Mr. California Rich Piana gave Christian Duque of
StrengthAddicts.com an exclusive interview. Piana, who has
become one of the most popular bodybuilding stars in the
world, opened up about how he's gotten to this illustrious
position in the fitness industry.

Piana has always been a friend, giving this page excellent
interviews in 2014, 2015, 2016. Don't miss this great vid!!
IFBB Legend "Mighty" Mike Quinn Speaks!!

The name Mike Quinn was synonymous with mega-success
in the world of bodybuilding throughout the 1980's & early
1990's. Guys wanted to look like Mike & the ladies certainly
vied for his attention. But The Mighty Quinn was so much
more than big muscles & crazy feats of strength. Whenever
"the bad boy of bodybuilding" graced the cover of a
magazine - that magazine SOLD OUT!! Don't miss it!!
IFBB Pro, Mr. Canada Paulo Almeida Speaks!!

Today's fitness industry is probably the most competitive it's
ever been & that having been said, when a man walks
around with the nickname "the freak," you know he's got the
muscle to back it up. In addition to size & symmetry, Paulo is
a great friend of StrengthAddicts.com. Be sure to check out
this great video shot at the Five Percent Nutrition booth at
the 2016 Arnold Classic Fitness Expo. You won't want to
miss this killer presentation!!
Jeff Willet Powerhouse Gym - The Final Interview

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Jeff Willet has earned the distinction
of being one of the greatest natural bodybuilders of all time.
The 2003 NPC Team Universe Overall Winner earned his
pro card & opened his iconic gym some eleven years ago in
Adrian, MI. Jeff has been a great friend to this site over the
years, giving multiple interviews; however, this will be the
last one taped at the gym. Don't miss this very moving video.
West Virigina Native & Future Figure Superstar