2017 NPC Natural Ohio
George Brown - Driven to Win
by Christian Duque

All bets are off!! Talk is cheap in
the highly competitive world of
IFBB Mens' Physique & seasoned
veteran George Brown is as
committed as ever to retaining 2
key titles in the IFBB Pittsburgh
and New York Pro shows. He's so
committed that he wants the world
to know, NO ONE is taking those
titles from
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Levrone's 2017 Pro WIN
by Christian Duque

Ever since The Maryland Muscle
Machine announced his
comeback at the 2016 IFBB
Pittsburgh Pro, haters have
wanted to see him fail. Although
he didn't place where he wanted
at the 2016 Mr. Olympia, he kept
his word, and he did the contest.
As Levrone prepares for the 2017 Vancouver Pro, many of the
same nay-sayers are as vocal as ever? But why? Why is it that
so many people would like to see this legend fail - and - what are
his real chances of winning the show?
Lauren Monday
2017 NPC Natural Northern Kentucky Grand Prix
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