Kevin Levrone Accepts 2016 Olympia Invite
by Christian Duque

The legendary athlete known as "The Maryland Muscle
Machine," IFBB Pro Kevin Levrone joined IFBB Pro
League President Mr. Jim Manion on stage, last night at
the 2016 NPC PIttsburgh Championships for a very
special announcement. As it turns out, StrengthAddicts
filmed the entire speech, where Levrone shared his
journey, his relationship with Mr. Manion, & his decision to
accept a rare Mr. Olympia invitation!
BIG RAMY Guest Poses at 340lbs in Pittsburgh
by Christian Duque

Jaws - literally - dropped when Egyptian phenom Big
Ramy hit the stage at Jim Manion's 2016 NPC Pittsburgh
Championships on Saturday night. The celebrated
Olympian posed as the audience went completely
bonkers. In addition to the amazing fan participation, one
element that truly amazed me was Ramy's crisp
conditioning. This is not a man that's happy with Top 6
awards, this is a man poised to win in Las Vegas!!!
The Cleveland Creation, MIKE ELY Will Return!!
by Christian Duque

It's hard to believe, but despite sustaining two major
injuries just three months ago, "The Cleveland Creation,"
IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Mr. Mike Ely looks phenomenal.
Many were extremely concerned & some may have even
though Mike was done with the stage, but the tried & true
fans, they knew better. Mike has been taking his physical
therapy quite seriously, but he's still been able to train a
bit. Don't miss this great exclusive interview!!
Rich Piana's Shocking Arnold Interview
by Christian Duque

Mr. 5%, Mr. California Rich Piana gave Christian Duque of an exclusive interview. Piana, who
has become one of the most popular bodybuilding stars in
the world, opened up about how he's gotten to this
illustrious position in the fitness industry.

Piana has always been a friend, giving this page excellent
interviews in 2014, 2015, 2016. Don't miss this great vid!!
Going strong since 2008!!
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James Hartnett - Why He Left Nspire for the NPC!!
by Christian Duque

This is by far one of the most eye-opening podcasts
you're ever going to hear. I had the rare privilege of
interviewing a top tier NSL Men's Physique Pro in James
Hartnett. During the recording, I tried to give him the
opportunity to vent, to really give us (the listeners) a
glimpse of his perspective. Once we concluded, I was
eternally for grateful for his candor. You do not want to
miss this epic interview!!
Sports Nutrition Legend, John Parrillo Speaks
by Christian Duque

This was a real treat & I'm sure this interview will appeal to
athletes of all ages. It was both an honor & a privilege to
interview the great John Parrillo - exclusively - for!! John has been on the cutting edge
of sports supplement sciences, innovative exercise
machines, and dynamic training methodologies. I was
lucky enough to visit & train at the legendary Parrillo
Perfromance gym & film this great exchange.
IFBB Pro, Mr. Canada Paulo Almeida Speaks!!
by Christian Duque

Today's fitness industry is probably the most competitive
it's ever been & that having been said, when a man walks
around with the nickname "the freak," you know he's got
the muscle to back it up. In addition to size & symmetry,
Paulo is a great friend of Be sure to
check out this great video shot at the Five Percent
Nutrition booth at the 2016 Arnold Classic Fitness Expo.
You won't want to miss this killer presentation!!
Jeff Willet Powerhouse Gym - The Final Interview
by Christian Duque

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Jeff Willet has earned the distinction
of being one of the greatest natural bodybuilders of all
time. The 2003 NPC Team Universe Overall Winner
earned his pro card & opened his iconic gym some eleven
years ago in Adrian, MI. Jeff has been a great friend to
this site over the years, giving multiple interviews;
however, this will be the last one taped at the gym. Don't
miss this very moving video.
Think Female Bodybuilding is Dead? THINK AGAIN!!
by Christian Duque

Although the division has lost some of its biggest events
(e.g. the Ms. Olympia & Ms. International), female
bodybuilding continues to grow & inspire countless women
throughout the world to pick up weights, build muscle, &
grow a hungry fan base that simply cannot get enough. If
you love strong, muscular women you simply cannot miss
this great interview with IFBB Pro Amanda Aivaliotis
available exclusively at !!
Ms. Olympia Yaxeni Oriquen Garcia Interview!!
by Christian Duque
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IFBB Legend "Mighty" Mike Quinn Speaks!!
by Christian Duque

The name Mike Quinn was synonymous with
mega-success in the world of bodybuilding throughout the
1980's & early 1990's. Guys wanted to look like Mike & the
ladies certainly vied for his attention. But The Mighty
Quinn was so much more than big muscles & crazy feats
of strength. Whenever "the bad boy of bodybuilding"
graced the cover of a magazine - that magazine SOLD
OUT!! Don't miss this exclusive interview shot in Florida.
Women's Physique Superstar - Tycie Coppett!!
by Christian Duque

Muscular women are not only on the rise, but the ladies of
the Women's Physique Division have spurred a worldwide
revolution!! There's no doubt that Dana Linn Bailey did a
lot to put the new grouping on the map & that current
champ Juliana Malacarne has broken all the rules, but
there's a certain added plus that physique superstar Tycie
Coppett brings to the stage. Don't miss this amazing
post-Ms.International interview from 2015.
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