2018 NPC Southern States
Fort Lauderdale, FL

This was another great event, with legendary
Peter Potter hitting it out of the
park. Contest coverage made possible by
Muscle Gelz and IronMag Labs Be sure to
get over to get over to:

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Upcoming Contests
2018 NPC T,C,M Nationals
Pittsburgh, PA

This contest grows each and every year, with
the competitors remarking that it's the Most
Comfortable contest of its kind.
Gary Udit hit
another home run and it was an absolute
pleasure working with
SS Custom Suits and
Tokkyo Nutrition. Be sure to check both out!

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2018 NPC East Coast Classic / MD State
Baltimore, MD

RIch Siegelman did a fantastic
job. The lineups were stacked, the Kevin
Levrone + Jerry Ward seminar was
extremely well done, and the host hotel
and venue were spot on! Huge thanks to
Muscle Gelz for sponsoring our coverage.
Be sure to stay tuned for all of Rich
Siegelman's upcoming contests. Top notch!
2018 NPC North Coast Championships
Kent, OH

What can be said about Dean Caputo and
Gregg Krause that hasn't already been said
by so many. These two gentlemen pulled out
all the stops, creating a show which truly
lived up to the hype!!

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Official YouTube
and see all photos
@StrengthAddicts IG.
2018 IFBB Pro League NY Pro
White Plains, NY

For me, covering this competition was
nothing short of amazing. Steve Weinberger
has done so much for our sport and this
event brought the best of the best. I also had
the rare privilege of interviewing Steve at the
East Coast Mecca of Bodybuilding, Bev
Francis Powerhouse Gym in Syosset, NY.
2018 IFBB Pro League PIttsburgh Pro
Pittsburgh, PA

It was a great honor to cover our President,
Mr. Jim Manion's NPC and IFBB Pro League
event at the historic Soldiers and Sailors
Auditorium in Pittsburgh, PA. This contest
had the very best guest posers in the world,
top notch competitors, and drew out the
who's who of our sport. I was able to get this
great shot with JIm as well!
2018 NPC Kentucky Derby Festival
Louisville, KY

Brent Jones and his team put on a fantastic
event at the luxurious Galt House hotel in the
heart of downtown Louisville, KY. The fact
that bodybuilding is represented in the world
reknown Kentucky Derby roster of events is
also a huge milestone both for our sport and
everyone in the great state of Kentucky.
Later in the year, Brent will bring us the 2018
NPC Kentucky Muscle - the jewel event!!
2018 NPC Mountaineer Classic
Charleston, WV

NPC OH and WV Chair, Rick Bayardi saw to it
that this competition be one to remember.
The host hotel offered all the amenities that
one would expect at a world class
bodybuilding contest. The hall had great
acoustics, the stage was perfect, and
everyone involved ensured that the
production went off without a hitch.
2018 NPC Great Lakes Championships
Erie, PA

Co-promoter Jack Sullivan, a top tier NPC
bodybuilder in his own right, made sure that
this great event pulled all the punches.
Hosted at the Presque Island Casino,
competitors and fans were treated to a world
class venue, coupled with amazing dining,
and was convenience. The host hotels were
also very comfortable and proximate to the
venue. This show was a huge success!
2018 NPC Natural Ohio
Cleveland, OH

Promoters Dave Liberman and Todd Pember
have done great things with both of their
amazing competitions in Cleveland, OH. The
Natural Ohio has stood the test of time, held
at the beautiful Cleveland Public Auditorium.
Dave & Todd always deliver! The contests,
expos, guest posers, and classic trophies
make this event an absolute must!
2018 NPC Northern Kentucky GP
Covington, KY

Gary Udit and Rick Bayardi did a fantastic
job, along with co-promoter Jeff Schuerman
in bring NPC bodybuilding and fitness back to
the northern Kentucky and Cincinnati
markets. The Northern Kentucky Convention
Center also offers a great venue, with
great/covered parking at only a nominal fee,
and the host hotel (plus Fyre Restaurant)
gave guests all comforts of home.
2018 IFBB Pro League ARNOLD
Columbus, OH

This was the first year that I worked the
Arnold Classic from behind a booth. I was
here as Marketing Director for IronMag Labs,
but I was still able to get a little bit of
coverage as well. Arnold has done a great
deal for the sport of bodybuilding, along with
Jim Lorimer, Bob Lorimer, and Matt Lorz (and
family. The contest-portion of the weekend
drew all the big names. The expo, the largest
in North America drew fans far and wide!
Past Contests
2018 NPC Kentucky Open