David Henry - "I'm Still Here!"
by Christian Duque

Not too long ago, IFBB Pro David
Henry dominated the 202 & 212
Divisions. His back was compared
to Ronnie Coleman, his physique
was the topic of eloquent articles,
and the fans just couldn't get
enough. Well, he continues to
count on the support of the fans,
but he's all but been forgotten by
the fitness industry press. Why?
The Return of the Ms. Olympia
by Christian Duque

When emcee Bob Cicherillo
announced the return of the Ms.
Olympia from the 2019 Olympia
stage at the Orleans Arena,
bodybuilding fans from all around
the world, literally lost their minds.
After so many years without the Ms.
Olympia & the Ms. Internationals,
countless fans of muscular
women and adherents of women's
bodybuilding, simply started losing
Did Shaun Clarida Deserve 2nd?
by Christian Duque

I don't want to take anything away
from The Lion of Libya, Kamal
Elgargni. He won the contest
hands down and I have yet to find
even a single person who
disputes his win. Where I,
personally, took an issue and
where I've seen and heard of a
great deal of dissent, deal with the
rest of the Top 5.
212Bodybuilding.com - New Site
by Christian Duque

Welcome to a page devoted
entirely to coverage of the 212. In
its relatively short run, this division
within a division has produced
some amazing champions, the
likes of which can hold their own
against the guys in the open.
Ms. Olympia

Don't miss my great
interview with 2005 Ms.
Olympia and 6x Ms.
International YAXENI
ORIQUEN from this past
Monday, September
23rd, at Rypt Gym -
The Return of Ty Robinson
by Christian Duque

Anyone whose ever heard an
episode of 2 Scoops Radio, knows
the name Ty Robinson. From his
former role at a highly respected
supplement store, to his year-long
run on the airwaves, to his recent
signing with The Factory Gym in
Louisville, KY, Ty is back where he
belongs, as a driving force in the
Louisville and Greater Kentuckiana
fitness world.
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Featured Interview
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Return of The Cleveland Creation
by Christian Duque

Rumors have been circulating
throughout Ohio and the Mid
Atlantic Zone that IFBB Pro Mike Ely
(aka "The Cleveland Creation")
would be getting back on stage,
but seeing is believing!! Check out
this great article written about one
of the most committed
bodybuilders in the land!
How Bodybuilding Saved
Kentucky Bodybuilder's Life
by Christian Duque

Be sure to check out my article on
NPC Bodybuilder Micah Hyde of
Team Weingarten. Micah is a U.S.
Army veteran, a SupHub
sponsored athlete, and a great guy
who took control of his life.