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On Monday, January 16th, I joined my good
friends Joe Pietaro & Gregg Valentino for an
episode of
The Gregg & Joe Show on the one &
only Muscle Sport Mag!!

Listen Here
Tanya Voshell
NPC Bikini Competitor
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Ron Harris Takes Command, MD Under Fire
After over 25yrs of working in the fitness industry,
veteran writer & bodybuilder Ron Harris, has been
tapped by Steve Blechman to serve as Editor in Chief
of MD Online. Harris, who's well known & respected by
bodybuilders & fitness enthusiasts throughout the
world, is determined to revamping the entire operation
- keeping old school readers happy, as well as making
the page interesting for younger fans who grew up on
social media.

Harris' predecessor, David Baye, did a controversial
interview for RxMuscle, hurting himself & the sport.
NPC Bikini Superstar LACEY DUNN Speaks!
The world of NPC Bikini is incredibly competitive, but
for elite level competitors like Lacey Dunn, it's only a
question of time before she earns the coveted IFBB
Pro Card & continues to dominate the sport.

In her exclusive interview for, she
talks about why she got started lifting, who inspired her
to compete, & what her journey looks thus far. Also,
learn about her future goals!!

The interview includes a special bonus video.
For many people, age defines them, but not for our
most recent interview guest. In fact, age is just a stupid
little number to elite level athletes like OPA bikini
competitor & internationally-known fitness model
Jacqueline Hammond. This 50yr old career
professional, mom, & successful athlete has re-written
the rules. Don't miss her very informative interview,
where she talks about why she got started lifting, what
her journey has been like, & what she's got planned!
Kaelyn Feistel - West Coast Bikini Star
Don't miss our exclusive interview with 20yr old NPC
Bikini Competitor & rising star, Kaelyn Feistel. Kaelyn is
a full-time college student, involved in equestrian
sports, & also poised to give her all on the stage. No
one should miss this very informative, very good
interview. In addition to learning about her story, you'll
have access to an excellent bonus video & tons of high
quality photos.
Read more!
Michelle Gagnon - Canadian Figure Star
Michelle Gagnon could quite possibly be one of the
biggest Figure stars to come in ages. She's built an
impressive physique that drops jaws & warrants double
takes. Her arms are a source of great inspiration, he
physique flows with flawless symmetry, & her work ethic
is second to none. Don't miss this exciting, powerful
interview with one of the sport's most dedicated
athletes. This future IFBB Pro tells her story
Locker Room Transactions...
Have you ever bought a supplement off of a buddy at
the gym? It could be whey protein, aminos, or maybe
something else. This article - available exclusively - at, discusses the very real danger
posed by these types of transactions. Sometimes, the
guy you consider a brother, your very own workout
buddy, could be the one ripping you off. This article
will leave you a lot wiser to the real world. Read
Tycie Coppett
Sabrina Taylor
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Sarah Bruce
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At 100% Dialed In... Lionel Wins the Arnold
Only time will tell will what the future hold, but I'm of the
firm belief that if France's Lionel Beyeke comes in
dialed in, at 100%, that no one on the Arnold Classic
stage can stop him.

There are a great many variables at play, however. Be
sure to check out my article & weigh in on social media.
This year's Arnold may be one to go down in the
history books. What if, a totally unexpected,
underrated, & virtually sponsor-less athlete comes to
Colubus & leaves with the title?
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Miami's Fit Superstar
Angie Garcia has built the kind of physique that's truly
breathtaking & inspiring. Her journey has been one
that's tested her, but which has resulted in excellent
results. In her exclusive interview for StrengthAddicts,
Angie talks about her approach to training, nutrition, &
supplementation. She gives the reader a unique
perspective insofar as how she was able to get to
where she is today, & how you can too!
Read more
Christian Duque's
In addition to being a rising star in the world of NPC
Bikini, Kayla Fassio is a fitness model, personal trainer,
& general source of inspiration for countless. This
beautiful lady from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma loves all
aspects of nutrition, exercise, & sound
supplementation. Don' miss out on a great interview
with one of the fitness industry's most promising &
hard-working stars!
NPC Bikini Superstar LILY PHAM Speaks!
Lily Pham is a hardworking NPC Bikini Competitor &
fitness model trained by Dave Palumbo of RxMuscle. In
her tell-all interview, we discussed her approach to
training, getting in the best possible contest shape, as
well as her plans for the future.

At a time when social media can make or break just
about any athlete, Lily shows the world how to put out
high quality, tasteful, & inspiring content that brings the
fitness industry the kind of positive attention it so badly
needs. Don't miss this great opportunity to get to know
a rising star in the fitness industry. Read