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2018 NPC Royal Palm Classic
Saturday, October 13th - Louisville, KY
2018 NPC North Americans
Bodybuilding Legend,
Launches Media Empire

by Christian Duque
"Sugar" Shawn Ray is one of the
most accomplished, well known, &
hardest working bodybuilders to
ever walk the Earth. He's without
a doubt the most photographed -
appearing on countless magazine
covers, articles, and promotional
materials. He's been signed to
all the major magazines, working in
many different capacities, including
as pro athlete, writer, & as a
member of upper management
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Welcome to the

by Christian Duque
A new era has begun with the first,
of many, victory of new Mr. Olympia
Shawn "Flexatron" Rhoden. The
last seven years with Phil
have certainly left much to be
desired. Although he was first Mr.
Olympia whose entire reign was in
the social media spotlight, his
inability to accept criticism and his
penchant for belittling and blocking

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